SmartKids Asia Philippines | Asia's Largest Educational Kids Fair
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Building Blocks of a Happy Child at Asia’s LARGEST Educational Kids’ Fair!


SmartKids Asia, Asia’s LARGEST Educational Kids’ Fair is a fun-filled family event that combines education, health and family bonding activities to offer parents unparalleled opportunities to spend time together and explore the potential of their children!
This popular family event draws thousands of parents and children and offers a vast array of educational activities and learning programmes that fulfils the cultural, educational and social needs of all children in your community. Combined with Education, Healthcare and Family services and programmes, SmartKids Asia Philippines provides an ideal platform for parents to explore and focus on raising a well-rounded child who is well-balanced, healthy and happy.
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SmartKids Asia 2015

SmartKids Asia 2014

Smart Activities

Smart Trial Classes

Enjoy a series of free trial classes at SmartKids Asia 2015! Pre-registration is required and will start on July 1! Stay tuned for updates!


At SmartKids Asia Philippines, we offer hours of fun and enriching activities for kids and whole families to enjoy!

Visit our exhibitor booths to participate in on-going workshops, games and contests, hands-on trials and samplings!


SmartKids Asia Philippines will be offering plenty of different stage activities of children that will brighten up their day. Children will have the chance to be blown away with dances, magic tricks, musical show, stage competitions, sports exhibitions, famous cartoon characters and a lot more thrilling live performances!

SKAP Friends

Join Nickelodeon characters SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora and Diego, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on stage for great photos! Your child’s favourite character will make their appearance across the 2 days of SmartKids Asia Philippines 2015!